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Fiona Robyn

Hi 27 - I can't remember how I got here but am happy to know you. Have just been looking at Luke Chueh's stuff, it's really lovely, so sad. And I'm with you on the new Interpol video too - that puppet makes me want to watch his face, which is rare in real people never mind puppets. Am looking forward to coming back and checking up on your writing.

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  • Interpol, Not Even Jail:

    I'll lay down my glasses
    I'll lay down in houses
    If things come alive

    I'll subtract pain by ounces
    I will start painting houses
    If things come alive

    I promise to commit no acts of violence
    Either physical or otherwise
    If things come alive

    I'll say it now
    Oh I'll say it now
    Cause I want it now