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Oh my god, this is so fuckin' funny.


Oh, and, we're surely going to win the next Olympics wearing these!


I think I have found a new fetish.


if they made them for men i'd get one... who am i trying to kid, i'm gonna get one anyway... this speedo of mine has seen better days


I love it! But they'd be even sexier if they were a bit shorter. And maybe tighter.


I love that the culotte style is designed for maximum flexibility -- for the true athletes, I guess.


how much do these weight wet?

well i guess if the women drown, it proves they're not witches after all.


I have a question, Girl27 (or anyone). Do you know what religion it is when the girls don't cut their hair and they have to wear long skirts all the time? It's not the Amish, but...i'm just curious...




Good call!


i liked the cullote swimmer, but i still caught myself looking at her tits.

i think most orthodox religions require women to wear skirts and to keep their hair long. Its so the the men can tell them apart as they probably dont know what a vagina looks like.

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