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beautifully written 27...

it's a sad day indeed.
he was a great champion. and could climb mountains like no ones business. a heartbreaking end for someone who at one point was so inspiring to so many.
he loved cycling to the fullest of his ability… if only cycling had loved him back of the fullest of hers.
and perhaps now she will… better late than never, i guess.

god speed marco, god speed.


awwwww that's a very sad post indeed. Damn girl, you're a great writer.

I am sorry to hear of his death. May he now ride in peace.


Thanks for the nice words, Dubstyle & Mihow. I seem to be writing too many obits, though. It's sad.

As I said to bafc at Human Powered Transport, the climb to heaven must be kick ass. But there's far too many fellas doing it, in record time.


amen. now the vultures circle, and the media continues to pound on poor marco. conspiracies, allegations, innuendo. it's all so sad. we've been wearing black tape around our jersey sleaves all week when training. sometimes we get a nod of understanding, usually from someone who looks vaguely italian.
nice writing girl. i wonder what the summer is going to bring, now that ashcroft and co. are trying to bust barry bonds and the rest.


Where are you? I miss you.


Awww. I'm here, Megs. And I miss you too.

Here's a wee postie for you. Very small. I'll have something else to post later. Maybe. :)


Ciao from Italy! :-)
I made a NON-PROFIT tribute-website in memory of the great italian cyclist, Marco Pantani and I just wanted to indicate it to you.
It's a website of every Marco's fan, so I would be happy if you'll want to sign the Guestbook. :-)
Thanks for your attention,


URL: http://fun.supereva.it/vaipanta/
E-MAIL: vaipanta@supereva.it
Please, leave your message for Marco on the Guestbook of "VAI PANTA!"
GUESTBOOK: http://pub47.bravenet.com/guestbook/4021745503/

Alexandru in Romania

I still miss you man...You teach me to love the bike like nobody else did...For me you'll be my Merckx forever! Ciao Marco,siamo sempre con te!
10.Jan.2006 in Romania


Marco, we let you down. You were hurting and we all thought someone else would help you. Your records may be eclipsed, but ther will never be another Il Pirata! I pray you've found the peace you so richly deserve.

scott smith


Marco Poulsen.

Marco COME BaCK to OS!


scott smith

The 2006 tour is missing an Angel.


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