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I enjoyed reading that passage. I have always felt the importance of memory for good or bad. Sometimes its a blanket that keeps us warm other times it's a hole we trip into. I try to excorcise memories but they always creep back in like phantoms from the attic or full blown poltergeists flinging plates around in my head.

isn't the stone roses more for spring listening?


Poltergeists! Flinging plates! I love that.

And The Stone Roses are an all year round kind of band for me. It's a good default record... doesn't remind me of anyone or anything except goodness.

Stone Roses. Not just for springtime anymore.


Goose bumps. Love your writing.


Aww. Thanks Mihow. Maybe I'll write something abut you when we split up. :]*

*Square smiley, in honour** of Mihow, the encourager.

**Honour, spelled with a "u", a thanksgiving gift from the maple leaf state.

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